Touch-Free Germ Keys For a Brave New World

In the midst of a pandemic that’s forced thousands of American businesses to shut their doors, left millions jobless, and has completely crumbled the American economy, is here to provide you with the tools to fight back.

We believe that we can create a positive impact on the health industry forever by offering a line of products that focus on our customers’ most pressing needs.

The “New Normal” means that we must stay away from germs and microbes more than ever before.

The Germo-Fob Line is the most versatile collection of products designed to keep you healthy by eliminating the need to touch public surfaces.

Available in a choice of styles, colors, and price points to fit any budget. This useful gift is the one your clients, volunteers, and students need during this health emergency to guard them for surface germs.

You can use them to open doors, push elevator buttons and keypads, press touch screens, carry grocery bags, and open a bottle of beer.


Germo-Fobs fit easily on your keychain so you can take it wherever you go easily. Once you use it once, you’ll never leave home without it. All of our products can be customized with your company logo, store name, or your location.

We’re glad you’ve found your way to our online store. We’re known for providing quality products and top-notch customer service.

We hope you’ll be back often and spread the word to all your friends!

To Your Health and Well-Being!
The Germo-Fob Management Team